朴茨茅斯,NH 03801 
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市长 McEachern hosts office hours on Mondays from 10 to 11 am. 
游客 are asked to call the 市长办公室 in advance (603) 610-7200 to make an appointment with him.




Deaglan麦凯克伦 was elected 市长 of Portsmouth in November 2021, receiving the highest number of   votes among the 9 市议会ors elected. He was first elected to the 市议会 in 2019 and was the co-creator in 2020 of the Citizen Response Task Force to help local businesses cope with the economic impact of the pandemic. Previously he had co-founded Seacoast Business Owners with his wife Lori to help small businesses in the area thrive. He serves on the Advisory Board of SOS Recovery, a community recovery program that is on the front lines of substance misuse treatment.

在朴茨茅斯长大, Deaglan and his wife and two daughters live in the Islington Creek neighborhood, across the street from the house his grandfather built in 1940. He is the son of Attorney Paul McEachern who served as 市议会or and Assistant 市长, and is the nephew of Mary McEachern Keenan, who served as 市长 of Portsmouth from 1986 to 1987.

迪格兰在科技领域工作, 为Yext公司管理新英格兰地区, 一家公开交易的软件公司. Before working in the technology sector, Deaglan spent 10 years on the United States rowing team where he represented the United States at the World Championship level. 在此期间, Deaglan received his Masters degree in History from Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. 在剑桥, Deaglan was elected President of the rowing team, where he led the University to victory against Oxford in the famous “Boat Race” in 2010. Deaglan received a BA in history from the University of California, Berkeley.

While campaigning for a second term as Councilor, Deaglan说, "I firmly believe that the character of our city lies in its people. We must build a community that helps us grow together as neighbors, not apart. I remain confident that together we can build a Portsmouth that works for all of us, and I remain committed to working for you. 请和我一起.” 


Portsmouth NH 400 - Letter from the President




市长's Proclamation: Italian American Heritage Month, Oct 2023

市长's Proclamation: Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Oct 2023

市长's Proclamation: 火 Prevention Week, Oct 8-14, 2023

市长's Proclamation, Constitution Week, Sep 17, 2023

市长's Proclamation: 图书馆 Card Month, Sep 2023

市长's Proclamation: Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, Sep 2023

市长's Proclamation Honoring Abenaki and Wabanaki Peoples August 2023

市长's Proclamation of Plastic Pollution Reduction Month July 2023

市长公园公告 & 娱乐月2023年7月

市长's Proclamation of Juneteenth 2023

市长's Proclamation of LGBTQ+ Pride Month June 2023

市长's Proclamation of Jewish American Heritage Month May 2023

市长's Proclamation of Volunteer Appreciation Month Apr 2023

市长's Proclamation of Sexual Assault Awareness Month Apr 2023

市长's Proclamation of Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week Mar 2023

市长's Proclamation of Women's History Month 2023

市长's Proclamation of Arthur Parrott Day February 21, 2023

市长's Proclamation of Black History Month 2023

市长's Proclamation of PMAC 20th Anniversary Day 2023

市长's Proclamation of Jennifer Crompton Day, December 15, 2022

市长's Proclamation of Small Business Saturday, November 26, 2022

市长's Proclamation of Childhood Cancer Awareness 2022

市长's Proclamation of Juneteenth 2022

市长's Proclamation of Constitution Day 2022

市长's Proclamation of Men's 健康 Month

市长's Proclamation of LGBTQ+ Pride Month

市长's Proclamation of 公共工程 Week

市长's Proclamation in Honor of Municipal Clerks

市长's Proclamation of 饮用水 Week


市长's Proclamation of Greek Independence Day

市长's Proclamation of Sexual Assault Awareness Month

市长's Proclamation of Women's History Month

市长's Proclamation of Black History Month